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 Ner'tak "Gore Shield"

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PostSubject: Ner'tak "Gore Shield"   Ner'tak "Gore Shield" Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2008 5:29 am

Race: Greenkin (Orc)
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty-sixth
Class: Vanguard
Faction: The Azure Templar

Appearance: He's a middle aged orc, you can tell from his face expression and the scar running down side-ways between his eyes in a right to left angle seen from your possition (infront) that this greenkin has seen more battles than most, and amazingly enough as a vanguard has survived all of them. His skin has gained a somewhat green/brown colour tone, his eyes are deadly serious and his voice is deep almost rumbling, you'd do a great job to stand before this veteran as a stranger and not feel the bump in your throat or your stomach twisting somewhat nervously. Other then that, he has jet black hair which is tied into two black pigtails running down on each side of his throat, both bound with a sort of red fabric, it also looks quite unkept, regardless the pigtail. He also has a short beard which also is jet black, he shaves it approximately once a week, however he doesn't remove all of it once she shaves it, he merely keeps it short.

Armour: He wears a well-used tier 6, the plate shoulderpads have blade edges running along the top, bracing him from side-ways headstrikes and enabling him to tackle his opponents into oblivioun. The colour of the plated armour is a somewhat darkbrown/amber tone, it's well decorated with sleek patterns of darker brown running across his torso, the armour also covers most of his body, infact, only the his joints are partially unarmoured for movement, but even they are somewhat armoured, and there is the underside of his boots which is made of leather and cloth. He also has a plate helm, though he rearily actually wears it out of combat, mostly it hangs from a chain attached to his belt, the helms design isn't anything too impressive, it's coloured like the rest of his armour and it got two metall-horns on each side, the two horns go downwards but also forwards until they almost meet infront of the helm visor.

Weaponry: He always carries with him a pair of rather large circular shields which he dual-wields in combat with outmost skill, both of the shields are crafted with sharp edges surrounding the entire central area which is the defensive part of the shields, they're also coloured like his armour. On his back is a large leather satchel with two slots which seem to fit the shields perfectly, a place where he can place and withdraw his shield at almost any given time, his shoulder pads however would deny him access with his arms to the satchel if it wasn't because of the highly advanced joints in his shoulder pads which allows him to raise his arms without any problems occouring. If nessecary which it rearily is, he'll pick up just about anything on the battlefield and use it. However, quite obviously the shields are not his only weapon, underneath his satchel there's a large ragged sword, also of the brown/amber colour which he constantly wears, the sword has several marks of combat, it's size could make out something in between one-handed and two-handed with a snake pattern in black which is also found on his shields in a spiral form with the head in the center, the eyes of the snake are all blood red.

More info: His personality can be compared to a metal, adamantite. His glare could cause trembling to the ones which doesn't know him, unless they're extremely arrogant and/or self-secure or plain stupid. However, he's not a mindless brute, far from. He also has respect for others faiths regardless the zeal he lacks for himself.

Combat style: He uses his shields as both defensive and offensive weaponry to push into the enemy lines, sometimes even break through them and finish off a couple of soldiers from behind allowing his comrades entrance, even as he appears increadibly reckless he doesn't usualy move before planning atleast ten strikes ahead and asssessing dodge chance, parry and block chance, and the possiblity the foe will be reinforced by its comrades.
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Ner'tak "Gore Shield"
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